Killer Party

[PDF] Killer Party | by ☆ Lynn Cahoon [PDF] Killer Party | by ☆ Lynn Cahoon, Killer Party, Lynn Cahoon, Killer Party For a gang of old college buddies the quaint resort town of South Cove California is the perfect spot for a no holds barred bachelor party But for Jill Gardner owner of Coffee Books and More this stag party is going to be murder After a few months of living with her boyfriend Greg Jill is still getting used to sharing such close quarters but she s got no hesitaFor a gang of old
  • Title: Killer Party
  • Author: Lynn Cahoon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Killer Party | by ☆ Lynn Cahoon - Killer Party, Killer Party For a gang of old college buddies the quaint resort town of South Cove California is the perfect spot for a no holds barred bachelor party But for Jill Gardner owner of Coffee Books and More this

Killer Party
Killer Party [PDF] Killer Party | by ☆ Lynn Cahoon - Killer Party, Killer Party For a gang of old college buddies the quaint resort town of South Cove California is the perfect spot for a no holds barred bachelor party But for Jill Gardner owner of Coffee Books and More this [PDF] Killer Party | by ☆ Lynn Cahoon, Killer Party, Lynn Cahoon, Killer Party For a gang of old college buddies the quaint resort town of South Cove California is the perfect spot for a no holds barred bachelor party But for Jill Gardner owner of Coffee Books and More this stag party is going to be murder After a few months of living with her boyfriend Greg Jill is still getting used to sharing such close quarters but she s got no hesitaFor a gang of old
  • [PDF] Killer Party | by ☆ Lynn Cahoon
    108Lynn Cahoon
Killer Party

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  1. Lynn Cahoon notches up another Tourist Trap Mystery winner in Book 9 I always enjoy visiting the South Cove, California beach setting where Jill Gardner has made a rousing success of Coffee, Books and More Her boyfriend, Greg is in the spotlight as he and a group of college buddies gather with their wives and or significant others at a local historical hotel museum The Castle for a bachelors party Things quickly turn sour when the groom to be, Levi, is discovered floating facedown in the pool Gr [...]

  2. KILLER PARTY is a killer read How does author Lynn Cahoon continuously write book after book in this series, but always make them feel new, fresh, and intriguing There are of course other authors who pull it off as well, but Ms Cahoon truly has the gift for it Honestly, I don t care how she does it, because as long as she does, I ll keep reading them Book nine Wow Already in the Tourist Trap Mysteries, KILLER PARTY, is another mind blowing whodunit that had me alternating between smiling, and ha [...]

  3. Jill Gardiner and her boy friend Greg have moved in together and are adjusting to joint habitation Greg s high school friends invite them to the bachelor party for Levi Walters The party is held at the Castle in South Cove.The first night champagne flow like water The next morning Levi is from dead in the pool Since Greg knew the victim the neighboring police department is called in to investigate the case Greg gives Jill the green light to examine the crime The ending ends with a cliff hanger I [...]

  4. Late last night I finished Killer Party by Lynn Cahoon This long running series is a favorite of mine and this one did not disappoint Great friction, mystery and compelling relationships in this cozy mystery I loved the setting, a grand Castle and the idea of the hotel attached to it and in it Easy to picture the setting and I liked the way Lynn wrote about her character s relationships and town happenings This town gets interesting by the book

  5. This was a fun summer read I love our main characters, Jill Greg They re likeable and well rounded I ve enjoyed watching their relationship grow over the last eight books In this ninth one, they have recently moved in together and are both getting used to that new dynamic in their relationship The side characters in this installment were something else Zany, crazy, and wild for sure Thank goodness Jill has lots of experience in dealing with over the top personalities and good old fashioned vanit [...]

  6. I always look forward to a new Tourist Trap Mystery, this one does not disappoint The story quickly drew me in and had me wanting to know what was going to happen next The characters feel like old friends, they grow and evolve with each new story lending to their realism and believability I look forward to reading what happens next I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley My review has been voluntarily submitted.

  7. Number nine in the series does not disappoint I think this series just keeps getting better The series is engaging and I couldn t put this book down I love the setting of South Cove and Coffee, Books and More.The characters are realistic and well written, especially Jill.The whodunit kept me guessing right until the conclusion.I highly recommend this book.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  8. KILLER PARTY, the ninth book in the Tourist Trap Mystery series by Lynn Cahoon, is a delightful summer read It starts by inviting you in with its colorful poolside party cover you can almost smell the Coppertone and feel the warm California sun on your skin From there the story unfolds for an entertaining read as the protagonist, Jill Gardner, attends a weekend long bachelor bachelorette party with her boyfriend and the Chief Detective of South Cove, Greg It s the first chance she s had to meet [...]

  9. I love the Tourist Trap Mystery series from Lynn Cahoon, and it just gets better with each new book Jill is one of my fave amateur sleuths because a she owns a bookstore, b she reads books I recognize, and c she is the kind of person I would want as a friend She s witty, kind, and intelligent and she loves her friends, family, and her golden retriever Emma.The town of South Cove is another favorite element of the series for me, and in Killer Party we meet some new people and revisit familiar fac [...]

  10. This is only the second book that I have read in this series but I have quickly become hooked on the characters and mysteries This installment is a fast paced who dun it that will have the readers guessing and flying through the pages to find out the identity of the murder I love the characters in this book They are well developed, complex multi dimensional characters but there is still much to learn about them and plenty of growth for each of them I thought the mystery was well done The suspect [...]

  11. I can t believe that this is the ninth book in the Tourist Trap series I have read and enjoyed all of the books It is always fun to visit the residents of South Cove, CA especially to see what Jill Gardner is involved in She has the best job as the owner of Coffee, Books and More She always has some wonderful sounding sweet treats that her friend Sadie makes to sell in her shop and other places Her boyfriend and police detective, Greg King, has moved in with Jill and Emma, her golden retriever A [...]

  12. Jill Gardner returns in Killer Party, the 9th book in the Tourist Trap Mystery series Jill is settling into her relationship with live in boyfriend, Greg, while juggling her college classes and her business, Coffee, Books More Greg invites her to spend the weekend at local luxury hotel, The Castle, to join him for the annual reunion weekend with his best college buddies Jill looks forward to meeting his old friends, relaxing by the pool and reading Her plans change abruptly when one of Greg s fr [...]

  13. When a group of old friends, who grew up together, went to high school and college together, and shared one major secret come to town for a reunion, Jill is the new kid in the crowd, thanks to her relationship with live in boyfriend and cop Greg when the seeming leader of this friends group, and the soon to be groom ends up dead in the pool, Greg can not investigate officially He is too close to the case Usually he wants Jill to keep her nose out of things that might result in her being put in a [...]

  14. I m not sure what it is with mysteries that I have read latelybut I never see the killer coming With this book I m trying to figure out who was involved and why, however I never figured this one out The author does a great job of hiding clues and there are some looking back and throwing many red herrings in your path.And of course I love seeing Jill and Greg s relationship grow now that they have moved in together There are a few moments where Jill continues to question the relationship, but she [...]

  15. 4 stelle e mezzaBella storia e il colpevole mi ha stupito, non ci avevo proprio pensato a lui L unico neo l evidente cliffhanger verso il prossimo libro una cosa che odio

  16. Thank you to NetGalley and Kensington Books for an ARC of this novel in exchange for my honest review.Killer Party is the 9th book in Lynn Cahoon s excellent Tourist Trap Mystery series I love this series and am so glad I found it In my opinion, there aren t a lot of really good cozies around these days Having said that, I haven t seen any hints of future books for this series and can only hope there will be tales in this great cozy series I highly recommend this book for any one who likes a we [...]

  17. First I want to thank Netgalley and Kensington Books for allowing me to read this story I fell in love with Jill and South Cove California years ago when I picked up the first book in this series while on vacation I can say the books have not disappointed me and in my opinion get better In this story weddings are in the air Jill s aunt Jackie is turning into Bridezilla, Amy is planning her wedding and Jill is meeting Greg s old school friends Jill and Greg are staying at The Castle for the weeke [...]

  18. A weekend reunion of high school friends turns tragic when one of them winds up dead.Jill Gardner and Greg King are beginning to adjust to living together A weekend filled with friends and fun should be appealing to Jill, but this group of friends seems a bit bizarre Tension between the couples is evident and adding alcohol to this bunch is not a good mix.Finding his best friend dead is than Greg can take and it s up to Jill to help him.Finding time to investigate is not easy as Jill s coffee a [...]

  19. This is the ninth book in Lynn s Tourist Trap Series With a weekend of luxury at The Castle, rented out by the groom, what could a girl want Especially when her hot cop boyfriend is part of the package On the first day Jill senses something is off with this group of Greg s old high school buddies and their wives So when the groom turns up facedown in the pool, even Greg is on the sidelines Jill s suspect list is pretty long with everyone from the party as well as the new Russian Doll Shop owner [...]

  20. A who done it with a stable base of interesting characters and new ones for episode 6 in the Tourist Trap Mystery series.Jill Gardner s Coffee, Books and More is running smoothly Her boyfriend Greg s childhood friends are all in South Cove at The Castle to celebrate Levi Jessica s wedding When someone ends up dead in the pool Greg has to step aside and let another county investigate Greg s permission to Jill to look into the murder for him makes her happy but juggling everything in her life and [...]

  21. Killer Party by Lynn Cahoon is the ninth book in A Tourist Trap Mystery series Jill Gardner is packing for a weekend getaway with her boyfriend, Greg King and his friends Greg s childhood friend, Levi Walker is getting married, and he is holding a stag party weekend in South Cove at The Castle Jill is looking forward to enjoying the spa services and escaping Aunt Jackie s wedding planning while Greg reconnects with his friends On Saturday, the men go on a boat excursion to fish ingest alcohol wh [...]

  22. Killer Party is the ninth book in Lynn Cahoon s wonderful Tourist Trap Mystery series and is a well written story, with well developed and affable characters, that moves along at a steady pace Ms Cahoon s writing style flows smoothly, the engaging characters and interesting plot drew me right into the story, and the twists and turns held my interest throughout the book I highly recommend all the books in the Tourist Trap Mystery series to anyone who enjoys reading well crafted cozy mysteries.Jil [...]

  23. Killer Party is another exciting installment in Cahoon s Tourist trap mystery series I always look forward to a new release in this series because I love all the characters, and I loved this book because the reader gets to see Jill and Greg getting closer When Greg invites Jill to a weekend getaway with some old friends of his, Jill expects a fun weekend that includes some reading time, getting to know Greg s friends, and spending time with Greg not expecting to be at the center of another murde [...]

  24. Princess Fuzzypants here It is always nice when you find a series that you enjoy at first but like with each successive book This is one such series I have become quite invested in Jill, Greg and all the rest I think it might be because their lives and relationships seem to flow in a very realistic manner separate and apart from the mysteries which are always good.This time Greg has a group of old high school chums who have rented The Castle for a bachelor party The groom is a former nerd who h [...]

  25. Loved it It was a little longer than I expected, and Jackie got on my nerves but I loved it This is the ninth book in the series, and it delves a little deeper into the lives of some of the main characters with special attention to Greg s past, and Jackie s future I can t wait to see where the author is going with Jackie and the three new characters she introduces as part of this mystery, which surrounds the death of Greg s best friend from childhood Here s what you need to know about this book [...]

  26. I was happy to see that in this book the murder was the main focus with the daily lives of the characters being second and a nice teaser concerning Jackie and Harrold as the ending.It seems that Greg isn t the open book he appears to be when a high school friend of his comes to South Cove for his bachelor party and ends up floating in The Castle s pool And his fiancee has her own secrets.And the best part, I didn t realize who the murderer was till the end I had a whole other plot line in my hea [...]

  27. Although this book has a really cool name it is by far a rather mild murder mystery, the storyline is okay and the characters are good, I would say this story is a mystery within a mystery Solving a murder wasn t an easy feat when it involves close friends when a wedding is in the works and to find out it s no longer on, what a puzzled mess everything is The romance level is also mild, so I would say although it s not very exciting it s an interesting story nonetheless, with a murder, kidnapping [...]

  28. 3.5 As I ve said before, I ve been in the mood for mysteries lately Mostly because A I m completely caught up with all my crime mystery dramas and B I take any chance to play amateur sleuth So when I heard about Killer Party, the latest addition to a Tourist Trap Mystery series, I jumped at the chance to read it The setting sounded idyllic, the mystery seemed like the perfect who dun it scenario, and the main character owned a book store my low key dream in life Really, what could I ask for As [...]

  29. I liked this, but I didn t love it While the mystery was interesting and intriguing, I didn t care for any of Greg s friends, and that made me feel a little apathetic towards solving the murder and seriously Jill, get over the whole relationship angst The surprising and exciting ending was a great way to end the book, and overall it was entertaining and enjoyable Mostly, I just enjoy another visit to South Cove and catching up with Jill, Greg and the Coffee, Books More gang And I really concerne [...]

  30. I really enjoyed this clean mystery I received this book for free and I voluntarily chose to review it I ve given it a 5 rating There were a lot of characters in this story, which made a lot of suspects too Clues all over the place but I didn t really guess till the end There is just a little cliffhanger at the end However, it didn t involve the main mystery and there are books in the series There is a bit of humor and danger I would really like to read the next in the series.