Unlimited Trust - by Jana Aston Unlimited Trust - by Jana Aston, Trust, Jana Aston, Trust Knock knock Um Who s there Yeah That was me on my last date Before you feel sorry for me you should know that I was the one telling the jokes Jokes as in plural because I didn t stop with just one Of course not Hi I m Chloe Scott The most awkward single girl in the city But I m going to get it together I am I m going to learn how to date like a grown up I m Knock knock Um Who s there Yeah
  • Title: Trust
  • Author: Jana Aston
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
Unlimited Trust - by Jana Aston - Trust, Trust Knock knock Um Who s there Yeah That was me on my last date Before you feel sorry for me you should know that I was the one telling the jokes Jokes as in plural because I didn t stop with just one O

Trust Unlimited Trust - by Jana Aston - Trust, Trust Knock knock Um Who s there Yeah That was me on my last date Before you feel sorry for me you should know that I was the one telling the jokes Jokes as in plural because I didn t stop with just one O Unlimited Trust - by Jana Aston, Trust, Jana Aston, Trust Knock knock Um Who s there Yeah That was me on my last date Before you feel sorry for me you should know that I was the one telling the jokes Jokes as in plural because I didn t stop with just one Of course not Hi I m Chloe Scott The most awkward single girl in the city But I m going to get it together I am I m going to learn how to date like a grown up I m Knock knock Um Who s there Yeah
  • Unlimited Trust - by Jana Aston
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  1. ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review Knock knock Who s there Chloe Chloe who Chloe meet again Okay that was my attempt at a knock, knock joke If you smiled, yay If you didn t, just pretend that you did So why the knock, knock joke Well it s because Jana Aston will be knocking on reader s door to TRUST her that she won t steer them in the wrong direction when it comes to her newest romantic comedy Who doesn t love a good cheesy knock, knock joke I know it may seem like grade sc [...]

  2. 5 stars When I read a book by Jana Aston, I know it will be entertaining, fun, fresh and hilarious I m notorious for reading emotional books, so when I need something light in between, Jana is a go to author for me I love books that make me smile and laugh, characters that are fun, endearing and quirky Trust had all that, plus donuts Chloe Scott is dating All of her friends Everly, Sophie and Sandra all have men in their life and she s done being on the sidelines waiting for Mr Right She s going [...]

  3. 4.5 Stars If you are looking for your next romantic comedy, then you don t want to miss this one Trust me on this This was my third book by Jana Aston and without a doubt my favorite Trust was simply fantastic, a well done romantic comedy that sucked me in from the start with its engaging story line and endearing characters This third book in the series had a little bit of everything, which I really loved, Jana blending the sweetness, sexiness and humor really great.Chloe Scott is a twenty two s [...]

  4. Oh, don t mind me I m just picking some numbers out of a box over here Maybe I ll hang them over my bookshelf as a reminder to smile Why would that work, you ask Well, it would remind me of the cheek splitting grin I had while reading this book You ll get it when you read it And you WILL read it I went into this completely blind The synopsis was intriguing and Ms Aston was kind enough to send me an early copy I d never read her before I m kicking myself for that now.This is, so far, the best boo [...]

  5. This is my favourite book in the series Why Well that s a great question.Boyd is an FBI agent So he has government issued handcuffs That s a serious plus.BUT That s not the main reason I love this book Chloe is the reason I love this book Well, Chloe s anxiety is why I love this book Let me explain that a little Jana does a fabulous job of bringing to life the realities of an anxiety disorder She very accurately depicts how an anxiety attack would be experienced and while there is still Jana s s [...]

  6. 4.5 Toc Toc, Te quiero STARS Ayyyyyyy pero es que ando de un inaguantable con este libro que no tienen idea, ME ENCANT Es para m el mejor de toda la serie Ver n, el primer libro me pareci una gran estafa de lo malo que fue y los dos anteriores fueron bonitos pero pasables Casi siempre el factor S era el que me terminaba chafando la historia Porque a mi me gusta leer un buen romance, no miles de escenas de sexo sin sentido.Bien, pues eso no pasa aqu Literal, pero es que no hab a forma de que Chlo [...]

  7. Knock KnockWho s there CanoeCanoe who Canoe please read this book This book was everything I love about Jana Aston The humor, the romance, and the sweetness was exactly what I needed and I enjoyed getting to see these two come together Chloe was adorable and I really liked seeing her fumble through her dating life in all her awkward glory It actually made her really relatable and also added the hilarious parts to the book They say that opposites attract and Boyd and Chloe are the epitome of that [...]

  8. Absolutely adorable Another hit in this series for me It was hilarious most of all, but also sweet and sexy Loved Boyd and Chloe together, their banter was yummy and chemistry between them strong Wonderful, very quick reading I recommend

  9. I swear Jana Aston is one of my favorite authors, for so many reasons, but the most important one she writes my favorite type of books All her books are super sexy, super funny, and super swoon worthy All of her stories have pulled me and made me fall in love and Chloe s story is no exception This is the fourth book Jana has written and while they are all standalone they characters all crossover So if you haven t read them all you can read this one, but if you have you will recognize Chloe Chloe [...]

  10. 4 Doughnut Stars Have you ever been in awkward social situations I m not talking about running out of things to say when you meet someone new for the first time I m talking about a full on I ve got to get the hell out here and who s going to save me type of situations Getting regular POD pics you ll know the meaning soon enough to getting proposition on her first date is becoming the norm for Chloe.But being socially awkward and being set up by her friends on dates hasn t helped but one thing yo [...]

  11. 4.5 STARS Chloe and Boyding Seriously this story couldn t be cuter what a fun little read this story is I adored how Boyd Gallagher lures anxiety ridden Chloe Scott into a relationship with him This story is light, sweet, sexy, funny as hell, and most definitely hit the spot You re dating Boyd I think I m going to throw up You might even be engaged, Everly continues For all I know.

  12. 4 one favor STARS Jana Aston said this is the last book from WRONG series I m quite sad because it s starting to get better Everly s friend, Chloe is the last person on this train who will meet her future someone Surprisingly, I enjoyed it very much.Chloe Scott must the most socially awkward person in the Philadelphia She has numerous unsuccessful date journey As a teacher for second grade, Chloe didn t socialize much Beside Everly, Sandra and Sophie are her friends Misfortune from the last dat [...]

  13. 4 POD Stars That s what dating looks like Men messaging and asking if I want to fuck them with a strap on I think it s me I attract weirdos This book was exactly what I needed at exactly the right time Was it 5 Star awesomeness Not quite, but the fact it put a smile on my face at a time when I simply didn t think that was possible means it gets a huge thumbs up from me.Chloe and Boyd bring the same irreverence mixed with heat as the other couples in the series but this story has the added benefi [...]

  14. Cute funny sexy read.I actually liked both characters H was almost perfect Chloe was a bit unsure, but she was young 22 , so it worked she didn t annoyed me It didn t bother me that the 1st sex scene was about at 60%, the story was still hot and captivating.Safe view spoiler No sex with OM OW after seeing each other, at least it wasn t mentioned for the H h was not a virgin thank goodness The only thing I didn t like was a couple of H s flashbacks about his previous women He actually invited or [...]

  15. 5 Chloe and Boyding STARSThis was one hilarious read and what a way to wrap up a series For fans of Jana s, you won t be disappointed Chloe is simply one original yet adorably quirky heroine I don t want to spoil any of the Boyd and Chloe fun but what I will say is these two are so cute together Hilarious, like LOL moments and some of the one liners and corny jokes out of Chloe s mouth had me howling on the train on the way into work Yes, I got a few I d like to be reading what she s reading loo [...]

  16. 4 Stars What a lovely reading.I enjoyed this book a lotIt was a funny and sweet book, with a lot of awkward moments on Chloe s part and a lot of patient moments on Boyd s partAnd some second grade knock, knock jokes to complete this couple Who s there I love I love who I love you too.It was an easy reading without drama and two realistic people Although I think Chloe was over doing it with her anxiety and overthinking, she did every time she thought about dating I enjoyed her inner crazy monolog [...]

  17. Loved this story of the nerdy, anxious and bumbling school teacher Cloe Scott who falls for her friends brother, FBI agent Boyd after he arrests her when she attends a sporting event with a wanted con man Boyd has an attraction to Cloe so he attempts to get close to her and earn her trust by making up favors that Cloe owes him in return for keeping quiet about how they met from Cloe s friends Both of these characters were so lovable and hilarious, I loved cloe s over thinking brain and how Boyd [...]

  18. I needed to Trust my audio to get me through.I m not sure if you know, but I m the wife of a sporty man and the mother of two very sporty kids Last night was the State of Origin For my foreign friends, this is a big deal in the Rugby Leauge world Queensland vs New South Wales smash it out in three games and it s a BIG DEAL.Now, this little ducky doesn t like sport AT ALL Oh, I m the biggest fans of my kids sports, but grown men smashing into each other carrying a ball from one end of the field t [...]

  19. 3.5 Donut StarsI love quirky heroines Honestly, make the heroine as weird as you want and I will probably love her as long as she s unique And Trust really delivered that Chloe is a school teacher who has a terribly bad rap at dating Her stories of online dating were pretty unbelievable but funny She gets really nervous on dates and starts telling bad jokes It s really pretty funny but like watching a train wreck When she goes on a date she finds out her date is a criminal and that s how she mee [...]

  20. No OW OM drama.Loved the heroine, she was quirky socially awkward she was so damn cute with her knock knock jokes.And She s so me because I google everything too and she wears leggings just like me Yep I prefer comfort before fashion Because I Google some weird shit, she says, blowing out a breath and shaking her head I keep expecting someone to show up on my doorstep and ask what the heck I m doing, but I m just a really curious person and all the answers are right there, you know Just click, c [...]

  21. 3.5 starsEntertaining read about a socially awkward heroine, Chloe, trying to find love There wasn t much of a plot or drama, just a cruise through her experiences and watching her figure it out when she does meet her one true love I liked Chloe s inner thoughts and ramblings, although sometimes it did frustrate me at times Boyd, the hero who s Sophie s half brother had a good handle of things as soon as he realised there was to Chloe and i liked that about him No push pull, no unwanted drama, [...]

  22. too busy to write review read too lazy this was such surprisingly good read, the rest of the series didn t sit well with me although I can t exactly pinpoint why, but this Really enjoyed it

  23. After just reading Jana Aston s novella titled Fling I had to jump right into Trust I love her writing style and the types of books that she writes I have no doubt that once I m done reading one of her books I will have a smile on my face And I m happy to say that was the case with this book Chloe Scott is a second grade teacher She s also best friends with Everly who we all love from Right She s become good friends with the Sophie and Sandra through her friendship with Everly Being single while [...]

  24. This was brilliant Chloe is finding the dating world quite hard if it s not men sending dick pics it s men leaving in the middle of sex so Ye u could say it not goin well an then add that she gets a lil anxious it just doesn t mix well but when she meets Boyd things don t really get better she meet him under crazy circumstances but she help but find him super sexy and wouldn t mind seeing a dick pic from him Boyd is a Fed and is Sophie s brother she he knows a few of her friends but never really [...]

  25. 4 I want my own Boyd starsJana Astonwon me everytime when I read her books The delicious humour she brings, the sweet and very very hot scenes, the parts of reality that every book have, I just can t get enough This is the last book from this series,sadly , because ILOVEDevery book in the series, every character and their own story The different development in each book and how connected they are I know that whenever I feel like reading something that would make me laugh and giddy and hot and ha [...]

  26. In Trust, we are given Chloe s story Everly s bestie and college roommate and Boyd Sophie s half brother now for those that have read all the books, you know these two You know Everly had her sights on Gabe for Chloe from the start, but for you newbies have no fear You can read this as a standalone without missing anything about these two main characters that was shown to us in prior books.Chloe is awkward There is no other way to say it She s been trying to navigate her way through dating but n [...]

  27. This story was a breath of fresh air I have to admit that I m one of those readers who love stories with lots of conflict between the hero and the heroine The insurmountable those conflicts are, the I love it.Trust has none of those, and yet, I found myself swooning over this book I finished this in one sitting and had the silliest smile on my face right after Why Well two reasons Chloe Scott and Boyd Gallagher.I fell for these two as individual characters and as a couple I adored Chloe Scott [...]

  28. Knock, knock Who s there Four Four who Four stars for you 4 PODS Second Grade Jokes Stars Jana Aston did it again A novel full of romance, hilarious moments and a pair you couldn t help yourself but love.Chloe is the silent type The one that casually sits in the corner offering a few words only if asked, the stand by your side friend, the one that feels comfortable surrounded by 8 yo than adults, the one that over analyzes everyone and everything I ve never been inside such a person s mind befo [...]