Free Download Hide - by Lisa Gardner Free Download Hide - by Lisa Gardner, Hide, Lisa Gardner, Hide Ex sniper Bobby Dodge from Gardner s New York Times bestseller Alone returns in this thriller about a woman who is thrust into the center of a year old crime with terrifying repercussions
  • Title: Hide
  • Author: Lisa Gardner
  • ISBN: 9780553804324
  • Page: 420
  • Format: Hardcover
Free Download Hide - by Lisa Gardner - Hide, Hide Ex sniper Bobby Dodge from Gardner s New York Times bestseller Alone returns in this thriller about a woman who is thrust into the center of a year old crime with terrifying repercussions

Hide Free Download Hide - by Lisa Gardner - Hide, Hide Ex sniper Bobby Dodge from Gardner s New York Times bestseller Alone returns in this thriller about a woman who is thrust into the center of a year old crime with terrifying repercussions Free Download Hide - by Lisa Gardner, Hide, Lisa Gardner, Hide Ex sniper Bobby Dodge from Gardner s New York Times bestseller Alone returns in this thriller about a woman who is thrust into the center of a year old crime with terrifying repercussions
  • Free Download Hide - by Lisa Gardner
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  1. I want to be friends with Lisa Gardner in the real world, I want to know what s it s like to be such a storyteller, it would loooove to know what makes her tick This is another page turning machine, I ve read that this is a few of my friend s favourite Lisa Gardner book, and I can see why Here we meet the really lovely Annabelle or is she who has spent her entire life on the run, taught by her expert father, to be always ready to leave, life s contents in a handful of bags Always ready to run, a [...]

  2. My, oh my Lisa Gardner had me scratching my head time and again as I read Hide, the second in her D.D Warren mystery thriller series Where do I start Do I start with the six mummified corpses discovered in an underground hideaway on the grounds of the abandoned Mattapan State Hospital for the mentally ill Do I start with Annabelle, the girl whose necklace is around the neck of one of the unfortunate victims Annabelle, now an adult, is very much alive Whose body wears the necklace Who killed thos [...]

  3. Can someone please tell me why this isn t filed under The Bobby Dodge series Serious question I mean, I like Det Dodge enough But I really like Det D.D Warren not in a sexual way, but almost I went into this series looking for a badass female lead Instead the star, for both this book and the last, is the penis who can t stop sleeping with the female victims Boooooooring Not really, this is actually a fun book D.D seems like the type of woman who would wear thigh high leather boots, step in your [...]

  4. I really enjoy D.D Warren books and this is the best one in the series I ve read both ones before and ones after this one but this is the best one I ve read I would recommend reading the previous D.D Warren book before this one, it s named Alone The stories are tangentially connected and reading Alone first will add depth and dimension to this book Once again Warren and Dodge work together and since they bring out the best and worst in each other, the ride is extra fun I had real trouble figurin [...]

  5. Read November 2017Rating 4.5 5 starsThe second novel in the Detective DD Warren series brings us back into the world of Bobby Dodge He is now a homicide detective working for Warren who has been promoted They have to investigate the deaths of six young girls, whose bodies have been found in an underground chamber on the site of a formal mental hospital.There are lots of crossovers here with the events of the previous book Alone which means that I wouldn t recommend that anyone read this book as [...]

  6. WARNING not a review, a rant.I think those tall stiletto boots and wild mass of blonde curls on top of the slim fitting jeans and tight fitting shirt was just too much for me I wanted to gag I was pulled out of the story and wondered, momentarily, whether the author was a man using a female pseudonym I paused my audio to google whether real life cops in Boston or anywhere wore stiletto heels to work and actually found some interesting articles but all from Europe where stiletto heels were deeme [...]

  7. Annabelle Granger s life changed when she was seven years old Her father, a professor of mathematics at MIT, arrived home one night, quickly packed some bags, and told her and her mother that they were leaving Boston To seven year old Annabelle, it was exciting they were running away from home.They never stopped running after that night.Every new town was a new name and a potential new threat The problem was that Annabelle never knew what that threat was Her father never told her what they were [...]

  8. This is the second book in the Detective D.D Warren series, and it is also the second time that I have read this author.Detective Bobby Dodge is back I am still confused as to why this series is not named the Detective Bobby Dodge series, since his role is prominent in both this novel and its predecessor, Alone, which I read back in February.When six bodies are discovered in an underground chamber, Bobby Dodge s first thought is that the crime is reminiscent of Catherine Gagnon s case which was [...]

  9. A continuation of ALONE, the first of the D.D.Warren series I found HIDE also kept my attention from start to finish Looking forward to the next book in this series.

  10. This is the second book in the D D Warren series As with the first book in the series, Alone, Bobby Dodge has a prominent role than D.D Warren but at least in this story she does make than a handful of appearances.Annabelle Granger has spent almost her entire life on the run, moving from city to city, hiding Since she was seven years old her father moved her and her mother every year or two But from who and from what He never told her Now she is back where it all began in Boston living under a [...]

  11. Short Review for now I give this book a HIGH RECOMMEND Hide by Lisa Gardner is Mystery Suspense book that has one of the most fascinating set ups I could imagine Twists and turns all over the place It s very unpredictable There are two story lines one of a survivor who must piece together her true identity, and the mystery of solving the heinous murder of 6 girls Their bodies nearly mumified and found hidden at a scary, old abandoned mental institution in a make shift dungeon It s a hell of a pa [...]

  12. Lisa Gardner is very hit and miss with me as far as her plots go Her books are generally well written, but all the good writing in the world can t make up for bad characterization and poorly structured plot What really sticks out to me with this novel was the ill planned reveal of the criminal s identity.I was ready to go along with the switches from first to third person, because while I usually find it annoying, I get that some authors find it a useful plot device, but in this case it just fel [...]

  13. HIDE Suspense Bobby Dodge Boston Cont VGGardner, Lisa StandaloneBantam, 2007, US Hardcover ISBN 9780553804324First Sentence My father explained it to me the first time when I was seven years old Massachusetts state police detective Bobby Dodge is called to a Boston PD crime scene Sergeant D.D Warren and her team are on the grounds of the closed and crumbling Boston State Mental Hospital There has been found an underground room containing the bodies of six young girls One thing they release to th [...]

  14. My whole family disappeared I can t afford to come back from the dead Annabelle Granger has spent her life on the run For as long as she can remember throughout her childhood years she and her parents experience new places and aliases before they can ever get truelly settled in a place Now an adult she lives in Boston and with her parents both dead she lives on her own with her dog Bella and is paranoid about safety Anabelle s now goes by the name of Tanya but little does she know her past is ab [...]

  15. Lisa Gardner continues to amaze with every different book I read In this, her second of the DD Warren series, we follow a young girl who is continually on the run with her parents, from one town to the next, one state to the next, never staying long, always scared, always trying to stay one step ahead ofwhat she doesn t know Annabelle Granger is now 30 years old, and back living in Boston, when she opens the newspaper one morning to find she has been declared dead Her parents have both passed aw [...]

  16. I had hoped that some of the awkwardness with the first book in this series was a matter of it being the first book, but this second book is perhaps even awkward and it stands out all the since the author really should know better by now Granted, I don t know anything about crime scenes and being a cop and whatnot, but the choices that these officers make during their investigation strike me as so unrealistic I understand that the plot needs to flow and all, and that the author is bound and de [...]

  17. wederom een prachtig geschreven verhaal Boeiend van het begin tot het einde Lisa Garner laat u weer op het topje van uw stoel genieten van een enorm spannend boek, met een climax in het verhaal om u tegen te zeggen In n woord schitterend Een zeer fantastisch en verrassend einde Bedankt ik heb er enorm van genoten

  18. This was one of those books that hooked me from page one The first chapter introduced such an interesting character and premise, I couldn t flip the pages fast enough to find out And as the book went on, it became complicated, twisty, and one giant puzzle Just when I thought I had some ideas, something else would throw a wrench in my theory This is everything I love about reading mystery and suspense.

  19. I m starting to figure out that these don t have to be read in order And, just because it says Tessa Leoni no 3 or DD Warren no 5 doesn t mean those characters are actually main characters They might make a cameo maybe This one actually had of DD than others I ve read, and I appreciated getting to know about her It made me want to pick up another in this series She kinda kicks ass

  20. Hide is one of my favorite Lisa Gardner books, because it doesn t present us with chapters where, we, as readers, are confronted with the evil thoughts of the murderer I prefer a book focusing on the investigation, the investigators and the possible victims and their families I love police procedural, and this was a good one I am so tired of books where we are in the mind of those perpetrators There s too many of them It s tedious and what s the upside, I ask you Unfortunately, Lisa Gardner does [...]

  21. This is the first book I have read by Lisa Gardner and she has definitely gone to the top of my favourite Author list This was one book I couldn t put down It begins with the discovery of six mummified corpses in an underground chamber, in the grounds of an abandoned mental hospital, shocking even the most hardened cop The discovery bares a strong resemblance to a very old case where the perpetrator was caught and is now dead Did the dead psychopath have a protege or is there a copycat who is fa [...]

  22. A truly scary book This isn t a horror genre per se, it s disturbing because all the horror in it is man made Man is horror I didn t know it was a part of a series I thought this was a stand alone book It s that good Without having a single ghost or ghoul in it, it is scary And now it s about monsters and oval shaped offices Things being bent out of shape Sometimes blunt Sometimes clever Sometimes not even real In real life evil doesn t know it is evil That s for history to decide Even then that [...]

  23. Unbelievable.Never believe anything Lisa Gardner tells you You may think she is being straight with you but, take my word for it, she is not to be trusted She will change her story Hide is the second book of hers that I have read and the second time she has mislead me repeatedly If I didn t know better, I d say she is an unrepentant suspense mystery writer She is so unbelievable, that she gets five stars from me for Hide and I am immediately going to start reading the third book in the series, T [...]

  24. Encore un excellent Lisa Gardner qui n a pas son pareil pour cr er un suspense du diable, une ambiance angoissante et des sc nes parfois effrayantes 6 cadavres de petites filles d couverts dans un tunnel sous un ancien H pital psychiatrique Le d cor est plant petit b mol pour la fin laquelle il manque quelque chose je trouve 17 20ilestbiencelivre 1681

  25. What a Fast 2 book Series Definitely had to read them back to back, because of the Characters and the Storyline Great Author

  26. I am a huge fan of Lisa Gardner and I enjoy reading her books a lot Hide is the follow up to Lisa Gardner s Alone, the 1st book in her Det D.D Warren Series, I was totally captivated Hide can be read alone but I suggest one reads Alone first which gives you a better understanding of the characters that reappear in this story From the moment I opened the first page and read the first sentence My father explained it to me the first time when I was seven years old I knew that I was going to be tota [...]

  27. Mass State Police Detective Bobby Dodge is called to the scene of a gruesome mass murder that took place on the grounds of the old State Mental Hospital Six bodies of children are found in an underground chamber in a crime that appears to have taken place over twenty five years ago.One body is tentatively identified by a chain around her neck with the name Annabelle Granger However, a woman who read about the bodies being discovered, tells the police that she is Annabelle and when she was seven [...]

  28. What a disappointing book I m not sure if I should blame myself for reading this directly after having read Alone first in the Detective D.D Warren series but after having thinking about it for a minute or two, I came to the conclusion that this was just an awful book I m not even sure why they call these the Detective D.D Warren series when the main character detective in the last two books is Bobby Dodge, not D.D Warren herself As far as the actual book is concerned, it s just flat out boring [...]