The Gift

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  • Title: The Gift
  • Author: Louise Jensen
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  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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The Gift
The Gift ☆ The Gift ☆ Louise Jensen - The Gift, The Gift None ☆ The Gift ☆ Louise Jensen, The Gift, Louise Jensen, The Gift None
  • ☆ The Gift ☆ Louise Jensen
    112Louise Jensen
The Gift

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  1. Here I am desperately trying to catch up on reviews in the midst of the move We are unexpectedly stuck in a hotel an extra week as the movers informed us last minute that our stuff will not be arriving until this coming Friday, so I m warily writing this with children climbing all over me and hair being pulled out Even though it s been almost a week since I finished this book I still remember it vividly and my feelings haven t changed in the slightest If you enjoyed The Sister like I did, then I [...]

  2. THE GIFT is a gripping psychological thriller from the bestseller author of The Sister Louise Jensen, and my favorite publisher, Bookouture This novel is a winner that deserves to be recognized as a brilliant and satisfying read with non stop tension and endless twists and turns to the plot Jenna had viral myocarditis which attacked the heart function, and a heart transplant was her only option She had been hospitalized, but she was dying and it was unlikely a heart would be found in time Jenna [...]

  3. After reading reviews for this book from my GR friends, I was so excited to read this one The premise sounded so interesting and a little creepyor so I thought I was so anxious to see where the author would take this idea Unfortunately, it didn t go where I expected.After Jenna develops an infection that destroys her heart, she luckily receives a heart transplant Soon after, she begins to feel what her donor had felt prior to her death Can she solve the mystery of what happened to her donor The [...]

  4. Jenna needs a heart transplant and a donor heart is found from a girl named Callie After a successful transplant Jenna wants to know everything about Callie.When Jenna interacts with people from Callie s life, strange things start to happen to her heart She keeps getting dreams, nightmares and flashbacks from another life she doesn t know Is she experiencing Callie s memories What is Callie trying to tell her Is there to her death Noone will listen to her Noons believes what she is saying.Every [...]

  5. This is an excellent thought provoking novel by author Louise Jensen.This novel is a gripping psychological thriller that steadily builds up the tension throughout.The lead character Jenna is hospitalised with an heart condition and is in urgent need of a transplant when she receives a donor heart from a girl called Callie While recovering in hospital after the transplant she decides to end her relationship with her boyfriend Sam and is determined to start a new life After being discharged from [...]

  6. Jenna is recovering from a heart transplant But things in her life are confusing and some of them hurtful She drives her boyfriend, Sam, away because she can t have children She doesn t want to tie him down because he s always wanted a family Her father has had two heart attacks probably due to the stress over Jenna s health and her mother and father have separated.On top of everything else, she has a constant feeling of being watched, followed And it s almost to the point that she s afraid to s [...]

  7. Bearing in mind that I wasn t impressed by The Sister, Louise Jensen s debut psychological thriller, I was heartened that The Gift proved an immense improvement with an engaging narrative, realistic dialogue and some well defined characters Although The Gift is both an immersive and intriguing read, despite some moments of palpable suspense I wouldn t necessarily classify it as a thriller, and my enthusiasm for this novel stems from how seamlessly the scientific background is woven into the stor [...]

  8. This is my second book by Louise Jensen, and it won t be my last She is good at creating characters I care about, and a plot that moves quickly, with lost of red herrings to keep you on your toes I read a lot of psychological thrillers and crime fiction, but I think this one might stand out, because the premise is so unusual Jenna needs a hear transplant is gets one after Callie, a young woman, dies in a car accident Yet as she is recovering, Jenna has an urge to know about her donor, and she s [...]

  9. Louise Jensen has penned another gripping, fast paced psychological thriller that I could not put down I have used words such as panic inducing to describe my feeling while reading this definitely will make your heart pound In the end, I couldn t suspend belief in regards to the topic of cellular memory enough to truly appreciate this story I had quite a few no way moments while reading.Jensen is a truly talented thriller author, I very much enjoyed her previous book, The Sister, and look forwar [...]

  10. Louise Jensen returns following her bestselling debut The Sister 2016 with an intense, edge of your seat gripping thriller follow up, centered around the fascinating topic of cellular memory Organ donors may be doing than saving a life as portrayed in,THE GIFT Top 50 Books of 2016 Cellular Memory CMR phenomenon, a term doctors, coined for the personality changes that people undergo after organ transplants Jensen hooks you from page one to the final explosive ending Jenna desperately needed a hea [...]

  11. It s safe to say I m not as wildly enthusiastic about this book as others appear to be, but at the same time, there s no way I can in good conscience give it fewer than 5 stars The official description claims and I totally agree that it s a compelling read Once I started it, I didn t want to put it down till I d reached the end Really.Jenna, a 30 year old woman recovering from a heart transplant, feels compelled to meet the donor family despite warnings from her therapist, family and friends tha [...]

  12. Jenna was in desperate need for a heart transplant when a donor heart finally became available After Jenna s transplant she feels that she needs to find out about her donor and against others advice decides to meet with the family of the donor Jenna finds that the heart came from a girl named Callie and the she finds out about Callie the questions Jenna finds herself with Jenna begins to have visions, dreams and feelings that she believes belong to Callie and becomes sure that Callie was actu [...]

  13. All my reviews can be found at http thebookreviewcafeHells Bells The Gift by Louise Jensen is an absolute cracker of a read, it s tense, gripping and thrilling I literally devoured this book in one sitting, I love it when you read a book and the opening chapter grabs you by the throat, I m not one for slow burners and much prefer to get stuck in I read the authors debut novel The Sister earlier this year and I thought it was a fantastic read, so I was hoping it would be just as good, but Louise [...]

  14. I absolutely loved The Sister,it was one of my favourite books of last year so I was really looking forward to reading this and was thrilled when I was approved by netgalley for a advanced copy.It started off really well but by the time I finished it I felt really disappointed.I wasn t hooked in by the story like I was with The Sister and although I did enjoy the book I wasn t disappointed when I got to the end.The story is narrated by Jenna who has had a heart transplant and has suddenly starte [...]

  15. The GiftLouise JensenReceived from Netgalley I ve never read Louise Jensen before and I m so glad I took a chance on a new author and read THE GIFT Wow What a fascinating story and one that kept me on the edge of my seat the whole way through Jenna is in desperate need of a heart transplant She receives a new heart and six months after the surgery, against the advice of her counselor, her doctors, and even the transplant team, she tracks down the donor family This is the part where I wanted to t [...]

  16. I m sorry to say that this book just didn t work for me I read 24% before I quite I will perhaps continue some day in the future, but right now I felt that it was the wrong time for me to read the book

  17. I have to say how much I enjoyed reading this story I know it s fiction but I have also learnt a lot And it s brought back some memories for me in a certain way.This is about a transplant A heart transplant.I m not going into details as if you haven t read it yet, it s quite fascinating, mysterious, enlightening and scary at the same time.Fascinating because a lot of people are on the donor listMysterious because This was something my dad said when he had a blood transfusion years agoEnlightenin [...]

  18. The Gift by Louise JensenThe Gift by Louise Jensen surely is one to read over the holidays as how giving it is to be an organ donor This psychological thriller delivers just in case you feel as I do there have been many this year, some are better than others I promise you this one does deliver in some sort of way for every body Jenna receives a heart transplant from Callie who is said to have been killed in an accident Jenna tries to seek out Callie s family and past to try to learn everything s [...]

  19. What if a transplant organ retained the memories of its original owner And what if that person needed you to know or do something before they could rest This is the premise of The Gift Jenna was dying from a viral infection that attacked her heart when the perfect donor heart became available Months after recovery, she s trying to come to terms with all that has happened to her when she starts having weird dreams and feeling as though someone is watching her The meds she is on are pretty powerfu [...]

  20. Please follow my FB page for The Buzzing Bookmark here facebook thebuzzingboJenna isn t well and she needs a heart transplant Eventually the good news comes her doctor has found a donor Jenna receives a new heart and the surgery is a success, but something has changed Since the surgery Jenna s been having very vivid, detailed and scary dreams Dreams that seem so real that on waking, Jenna feels like the events have happened to her, but yet she knows that they haven t Could these memories belong [...]

  21. The Gift is a hold your breath type of psychological thriller about thirty year old Jenna who receives a heart transplant from a young woman called Callie Jenna feels different after the lifesaving operation, and seems to experience memories that she is sure aren t hers A heart is not just an organ The heart stores secrets and lies Hopes and dreams It s than a muscle I know it is The heart remembers I ve often been intrigued and also somewhat freaked out by the idea of cellular memory, and thou [...]

  22. All of my reviews can be found on novelgossipI was a HUGE fan of Jensen s debut novel, The Sister so I ve been eagerly awaiting her second book, The Gift since the cover reveal a few months back, isn t it stunning I love how it has a similar look to the cover of The Sister and I would ve been able to tell it was her book without even seeing her name on the cover I m so pleased to say that I absolutely loved this book, in fact I may have even liked it a little bit than The Sister even though I w [...]

  23. Having read and loved The Sister, which is the authors debut novel, I couldn t wait to read The Gift and see if it was as good Having now read it I can confidently say that yes, this was just as good if not slightly better if possible than her debut.Jenna has had a heart transplant Like most transplant patients, she is very keen to find out about the person who donated their organs There is a good reason why hospitals don t let patients do this and by the end I reckon Jenna wishes she had never [...]

  24. Crikey What a way to finish the old year and start the new year with this read An utterly compelling novel Jenna is the recipient of a heart transplant, a transplant she urgently needed after becoming seriously ill very quickly and a transplant that has saved her life While on her long road to recovery and heavily medicated Jenna begins to have dreams, very vivid dreams both when asleep and awake and is convinced she is experiencing past events from her donors life and sets out to try and find o [...]

  25. Read the review in my blog I guess I m in the minority that prefers Louise s first book, although I d still recommend this one to every thriller lover out there Jenna was about to die and then she miraculously got a heart transplant The heart belonged to Callie, but what did exactly happen to her And why is Jenna having weird dreams that almost feel real Isn t the blurb great I was immediately hooked Of course, the book wouldn t make sense if Callie s death hadn t been mysterious I had honestly [...]

  26. Dear Reader,For three quarters of this book I was Jenna Yes,you read that correctly The main character and I were as one,feeling the same anxiety,fear and anguish,united in our determination to decipher the hidden meaning behind the flashbacks,nightmares and dreams experienced by her,for the past six months,since she received her donor s heart Growing increasingly paranoid we trusted no one,saw danger and mistrust in every innocent display of love,friendship and advice Isolating ourselves,yet od [...]

  27. An underwhelming read compared to the authors debut novel, The Sister, as it lacked the tension and suspense the author had succeeded in building in her first book Jenna has received the donated heart of Callie a vivacious young woman whose life was tragically cut short Soon after the surgery, Jenna becomes fixated on who her donor was and how she died Her obsession mounts as she delves deeper into Callie s life and relationships The first half of the book is dedicated to Jenna s paranoia surrou [...]

  28. Wow Louise Jensen has done it again This book was intense, fast paced, thrilling, with twists on every page Beautiful writing, brilliant story Another heart stopping, nail biting, page turning blockbuster of a story from the author of the fab The Sister I absolutely LOVED it and will be recommending it to everyone.

  29. I was thinking I would give this 4.5 stars because I loved it but I wasn t completely sure about the ending Then I noticed I gave The Sister 4.5 stars and I definitely enjoyed this book So 5 stars it is Yeah, so night I began reading and I did NOT want to put this book down It captivated me from page one with someone running away from danger We find out that Jenna has had a heart transplant and a few months after starts having dreams from about her donor She seems to think from these visions th [...]

  30. The Gift by Louise Jensen is a tense psychological thriller which introduces the concept of Cellular Memory , where the recipient of an organ inherits the donor s memories.When Jenna was hospitalized with a heart condition she receives a transplant from a girl called Callie During her recovery she goes through major life changes She breaks up with her boyfriend Sam who was about to propose to her and starts suffering from panic attacks and hallucinations Trying to get her life in order Jenna dec [...]