Shoes To Die For

[PDF] Read Ú Shoes To Die For : by Laura Levine [PDF] Read Ú Shoes To Die For : by Laura Levine, Shoes To Die For, Laura Levine, Shoes To Die For The best selling author Laura Levine is back with the indomitable sleuth Jaine Austen and this time she s out to find who murdered a well heeled French shop owner
  • Title: Shoes To Die For
  • Author: Laura Levine
  • ISBN: 9780758207821
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
[PDF] Read Ú Shoes To Die For : by Laura Levine - Shoes To Die For, Shoes To Die For The best selling author Laura Levine is back with the indomitable sleuth Jaine Austen and this time she s out to find who murdered a well heeled French shop owner

Shoes To Die For
Shoes To Die For [PDF] Read Ú Shoes To Die For : by Laura Levine - Shoes To Die For, Shoes To Die For The best selling author Laura Levine is back with the indomitable sleuth Jaine Austen and this time she s out to find who murdered a well heeled French shop owner [PDF] Read Ú Shoes To Die For : by Laura Levine, Shoes To Die For, Laura Levine, Shoes To Die For The best selling author Laura Levine is back with the indomitable sleuth Jaine Austen and this time she s out to find who murdered a well heeled French shop owner
  • [PDF] Read Ú Shoes To Die For : by Laura Levine
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Shoes To Die For

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  1. justadreamer24.wordpress This book was hilarious Honestly I love the character Jaine She is so funny I will explain about this in a bit but first lets talk about the actual mystery.While the book is hilarious and the characters amazing, the actual plot is really good From reading the reviews of this book and the synopsis it s easy to disregard this book as a good mystery When you actually read it, it s actually a fantastic mystery.You have Jaine investigating murder and the messes she gets into [...]

  2. Half the book is dedicated to the always hungry Jaine Austen scarfing down most fattening foods the author can think of, making the pattern of the comic situation a bit worn out by always having the same solution and jokeJaine meets a hamburger she likes, decides she cant afford to gain even weight, resolutely refuses the goods, but says the next moment that no, actually i ate the whole thing and ordered some fries too, yumyumhahary funny, but not that much by the fourth book, considering the s [...]

  3. SHOES TO DIE FOR 4 in the Jaine Austen Series Note This series might be considered fluff mystery or mystery light Each book can be read separately and out of order Even though, as mentioned in previous reviews, the plot and jokes are somewhat recycled, I still enjoyed the book.

  4. Another good book in the series, this time with Jaine getting involved in a murder at a boutique I was happy with the identity of the victim and was surprised at who the murderer was I like Jaine s personality and her parents are a hoot, I love their emails and hearing what misadventures of their own that they are having.

  5. I LOVED this book but oh my gosh it made me HUNGRY Our heroine, Jaine Jaine Austen, hehe was always eating delicious food and I may have binge ate the past two days while reading A wonderful mystery full of intrigue and hilarious shenanigans And food

  6. Frenchie aka Giselle is one of the worst employees one could ever have She is stuck up and two faced So why would the owner of the fashion store, Passions had over her precious company to a quack like Frenchie That is one of the questions Jaine Austen has to find out, along with who would be cruel enough to kill Frenchie by Stiletto heel.I don t know why a person would dislike this series Laura is quickly taking over my reading list and i dont mind it at all Jaine is so funny in the book by sayi [...]

  7. Of course this is fluff, but I really enjoy fluff when my brain and heart need a break And Laura Levine is a fun writer The Jaine Austen mystery series is an entertaining set of murder capers set in La La Land L.A that is The narrator, Jaine, is a size 8 or 10, which is terribly obese in L.A and half the novel is made up of comments on her love of food and sarcastic observations on the behavioral quirks of not only those she meets but of herself as well Frankly, what sells me on this series is t [...]

  8. I keep thinking I like this series and then I select the next book and realize I don t really like the series or Jaine very much I m just tired of her always being out of money I think there are other things she can do to supplement her income, but instead she stubbornly holds on to her first love, writing Obviously, its not working out well for her She s a flighty, yet intelligent woman I m not suggesting she give up her passion but become practical and find other work instead of bemoaning her [...]

  9. This entry in the Jaine Austen series is pretty good.Jaine is broke, and out of work She tries to get a job writing ad copy for a hoity toity boutique She makes some progress, when the boutique is sold to a sales girl, who is a real jerk The new owner pays the usual penalty for being a jerk in a cozy Death in this case by having a spiked heel of her own shoe stabbed through her neck.A salesgirl friendly with Jaine is the primary suspect She hires Jaine to investigate the murder, and the usual hi [...]

  10. jaine austen books are cozy mystery books, funny light hearted in each of these books, the main character jaine takes investigation on side to solve the murders.jaine has funny sense of humor things i enjoy most in her books are her conversations with her pet cat Prozac, the emails from her parents her love for food these books makes for relaxing reads at times with laugh out loud dialogues scenes.

  11. Jaine Austin is one of the most amusing characters to come out of a mystery series A regular person who would rather eat Mc Donald s or Kentucky fried Chicken instead of giving in to the world of thin is in This character is written with humor but always gets the culprit, not without a little action Ms levine makes you want to read her books Well done.

  12. I really enjoy this series This is the second one I listened to on audiobook and I really like the narration.

  13. Ok so this qualifies for silliest book this month Janie, the writer private eye figure out who killed Frankie using jimmy chop heels as the murder weapon of choice Yeah right.

  14. This is the 4th in the Jaine Austen series Likeable characters, fast paced, interesting plot, enjoyable read Will continue with this series until I ve read them all.

  15. Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world Marilyn MonroeKensington created a new cover for Laura Levine s SHOES TO DIE FOR Book Four in this popular series is a comedic satire of the fashion industry Jaine Austen is an average woman who wears comfy clothes as I do Yet Jaine and I would appear on the don t page of any fashion magazine Jaine, honey Do you realize you re the only person in the restaurant with elastic waist pants He was right, of course The place was filled with per [...]

  16. The cover has been re designed and has a cover full of shoes Come on, how am I supposed to ignore that as I am limping out of the Library with 17 books spilling out of my arms That is how I came to read Laura s fourth book in the Jaine Austen Mystery Series.Jaine is a writer Was it her name that gave it away So far, her writing has been mainly brochures for local companies but her dreams are to actually make a decent living writing She also has a love hate relationship with food She loves it but [...]

  17. I love Jaine Austen and this book is no exception I read it in just two sittings and I did enjoy all the crazy antics of Jaine as she explores fashion though her primary outfits involve pants with elastic waists At times all the fashion talk did make me feel like I was reading chicklit than a usual Jaine Austen mystery but then again I tend to be an elastic waist wearing woman too so designer names mean very little to me.I enjoyed the mystery but the conclusion I had mixed feelings about On one [...]

  18. Not wonderful by any means I got about a third of the way through this book and decided it wasn t worth my time I found the main character annoying, especially the way she would do or say something and then explain what she really did or said in that situation She may have been realistic, with her lack of intelligence, lack of willpower and ambition, and inability to use money wisely I m sure there are a lot of people like her But it really didn t make me want to see her succeed and solve the my [...]

  19. Since I don t normally write reviews unless I have something specific to say, here s the break down of how I rate my books1 star This book was bad, so bad I may have given up and skipped to the end I will avoid this author like the plague in the future.2 stars This book was not very good, and I won t be reading any from the author.3 stars This book was ok, but I won t go out of my way to read , But if I find another book by the author for under a dollar I d pick it up.4 stars I really enjoyed t [...]

  20. Anything ranging from flawed angst ridden masterpiece to slick novellas can garner 4 5 ratings This book falls in the range of the latter Especially considered that it s awfully short I read it in less than a day But it was really well written However I was disappointed with the denouement and the subterfuge used by the writer or rather, by the murderer But the writing was never boring and humor and pacing were integral to the book s success The trouble with cozies is that one can never get to g [...]

  21. 3.5 stars for a nice, cozy read I really enjoyed the humor of this book, and the characters were all great Had to knock it down a bit because a I SO dislike cat and cat people and boy, is Jaine one of those people That, and I couldn t even handle the name of the cat Prozac WHY But anyway b the sarcasm of the book was sometimes dizzying I m eating a big donut right nowwell, not really.I m just writing a book review But I am wearing fuzzy slippers my imagination See what I mean There s some humor [...]

  22. This book is awesome Its one of those books that kept me going I read it in 4 day nonstop I don t like mysteries but cuz its a cozy mystery I felt satisfied I like how Jane is all human and right and always admitted that she lied.Like when she lied she ate something and came back saying that she ate a bigger amount I also like because this book has lots of suspense and the killer is always the least person I expected This book it very life like and Laura Levine is not afraid to write something i [...]

  23. It s a kitschy LA poor writer who stumbles over dead bodies and does detective work story It s a bit campy and a bit funny.There are two kinds of people in LA Those who do lunch And those who eat lunch Those who do lunch talk to their agents and order things like ahi tuna and Chinese chicken salad Those who eat lunch talk to a clown and order extra ketchup for their fries.That s the way it starts and it is a fun, light hearted book The murdered person is evil, wicked, and mean, so you re almost [...]

  24. Even though the author wrote a series of books featuring Jaine Austen, each one can be a stand alone read I m working my way through the series and have read four books to date I like the main character for her humour and that she never met a doughnut she could resist She s a part time sleuth who somehow fits herself in the middle of a murder investigation Even though there remains the main cast of characters, the locale and scenerios of each book changes, so you don t feel you re reading the sa [...]

  25. I m starting to think that the older books in this series is better than the newer ones I like this series because the books are short and funny and are pretty fast paced.In this one, Jaine gets a job writing for a clothing store when the hateful employee Frenchie get s stabbed in the neck with her Jimmy Choo Everyone suspects friendly Becky, so Jaine trys to find out who really did it The reason for the murder was pretty lame The emails from the parents are still funny.

  26. Levine s Jaine Austen series just gets better with each new book Jaine becomes and developed And who doesn t love a heroine that has never met a cheeseburger she didn t love Her life is run by Prozac, her cat, and the two men in her life, Ben Jerry, as in ice cream.The books are fast, easy reads with fun, snarky plots I love to read something fun and light and this series definitely fits the bill.