Make Me Sin

[PDF] Make Me Sin | by ✓ J.T. Geissinger [PDF] Make Me Sin | by ✓ J.T. Geissinger, Make Me Sin, J.T. Geissinger, Make Me Sin RITA Award finalist from the Romance Writers of America for Best Contemporary Romance Long Chloe Carmichael s life feels pretty sweet she s both maid of honor and florist for her best friend s A list wedding things are getting serious with her boyfriend and her flower shop is about to get a spread in a national magazine But it all quickly turns sour whenever th RITA Award finalist fr
  • Title: Make Me Sin
  • Author: J.T. Geissinger
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Kindle Edition
[PDF] Make Me Sin | by ✓ J.T. Geissinger - Make Me Sin, Make Me Sin RITA Award finalist from the Romance Writers of America for Best Contemporary Romance Long Chloe Carmichael s life feels pretty sweet she s both maid of honor and florist for her best friend s A list

Make Me Sin
Make Me Sin [PDF] Make Me Sin | by ✓ J.T. Geissinger - Make Me Sin, Make Me Sin RITA Award finalist from the Romance Writers of America for Best Contemporary Romance Long Chloe Carmichael s life feels pretty sweet she s both maid of honor and florist for her best friend s A list [PDF] Make Me Sin | by ✓ J.T. Geissinger, Make Me Sin, J.T. Geissinger, Make Me Sin RITA Award finalist from the Romance Writers of America for Best Contemporary Romance Long Chloe Carmichael s life feels pretty sweet she s both maid of honor and florist for her best friend s A list wedding things are getting serious with her boyfriend and her flower shop is about to get a spread in a national magazine But it all quickly turns sour whenever th RITA Award finalist fr
  • [PDF] Make Me Sin | by ✓ J.T. Geissinger
    249J.T. Geissinger
Make Me Sin

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  1. 5 Emotional Stars God, this is gonna hurt Make Me Sin is the second book in J.T Geissinger s rocker series entitled Bad Habit I really loved the first book in the series and was pleasantly surprised at how it turned out to be an all encompassing fantastic whirlwind with funny, heart warming, sexy and romantic scenes As much as I enjoyed Sweet as Sin book one , I have to say that this second installment to the series simply took my breath away It certainly had much darker undertones that the firs [...]

  2. 5 Devastating stars for A.J Chloe God damn it I thought that i loved the first book but this one was amazing, wonderfull, extraordinary I don t know how else i can describe it The only sure thing is that it will remain with me for a long time This story was so devastating, heart wrecking, but at the same time so beautiful I never wanted to end this book I could live with the company of A.J and Chloe for the rest of my life I had this feeling that i was gonna love those two and i think that it be [...]

  3. I should have known better After having conflicting feelings about the first book, I ignored my instinct and requested this.Bad idea.The drama llama was too much Too much Everything that could happened in a book happened in this book Not even kidding It was just TOO MUCH Plus, I really I hate one of the plot device used by the author I wish I had known because that alone was enough to kill any enjoyment I had left for this bookC provided by the publisher

  4. 5 stars if you like bittersweet endsThis was a love story too beautiful to be true until it wasn t, until it started to be sad and sadder There really was a lot of drama I can deal with drama if I have a happy end eventually Or in some cases, I can be OK with a very sad ending if I am prepared for it, you know some books end in a painfully beautiful way and you just love them no matter what But, being the black or white girl I am who doesn t like shades of gray , I don t like bittersweet ends Gi [...]

  5. For reviews, please follow my blog alysenovakMake Me Sin is the second book in J.T Geissinger Bad Habit series This is the first book I ve read by this author and I NEED to go back and read the first in this series Not because I felt I was missing something in this book, but because I fell in LOVE with these characters and the writing I feel that you can definitely read Make Me Sin without reading the first book Sweet As Sin and not miss a thing.I always try to include MY description of the boo [...]

  6. 3 Crazy Plot stars Personally I feel like this book should come with Trigger Warnings of Domestic Violence and mentions of Rape and difficult childhoods.Angst in this book is 10 times than that in Book 1,which Isn t a huge issue for me.It s the instability of the plot that deducted one of the stars from the final rating.The plot started off strong but ended,a little crazily to me.After a certain point in this book the author just kept throwing in random past incidents and crazy characters every [...]

  7. 4.5 starsThis one was filled with drama after drama and super angsty I DEVOURED it Sometimes when there s too many subplots, the book can get pretty long and i skim through pages I personally think this author did a good job especially with the pacing As usual, her writing was impeccable I shed a few tears at the end, being as shocked as the heroine was.In a nutshell, Chloe and AJ share a mutual, unwanted attraction Being that their best friends Nico and Kat are planning a wedding, its only natu [...]

  8. Chloe is a sweet girl who is loved by everyone, she comes from a good family and is a little na ve but she s determined to stand on her own two feet and make a success of her bespoke floral boutique She s about to get a massive opportunity as the flowers she s doing for her best friend s wedding will earn her a spread in a popular magazine and things are going well with her boyfriend There s only thing that is souring her good vibes A.J, bad ass rocker and the groom s bandmate and best man He s [...]

  9. 4.5 rocky road starsHop on the emotional roller coaster Our heroine is Chloe a mid twenty girl from rich parents who owns a flower shop When we meet her she is still with her boyfriend Eric let me say right away there is no cheating She s sweet, straight forward, loyal and a good girl all around.A.J is so fantastically multi layered, it s hard to describe him without spoiling too much He is an enigma and on this journey we peel back layer by layer of his personality He is distant, bad mouthed an [...]

  10. Oh, this ain t gonna be easy I already see that I am in the minority here FIRSTLY, I am a fan of this author I, however, am not a fan of this particular book For the first 30 40% I was an invested reader and then this book took a turn for the unbelievable and insensitive.I am an older 40 s reader So NA can be a bit of a hit or miss with me All the angst and hyped up drama can be somewhat over the top My issues aren t with the writing or subject matter Most of my issues are spoilers so I will jus [...]

  11. This is my first read for 2016 and it is a winner in my opinion.So basically those are my feelings at the end of the book Now all good views start at the beginning and I like to think that I am a honest person and at least I try to get straight to the point in saying that my feelings for this book ran deep I despised the first 25 % of this book and I nearly gave up I m sorry to say that so my sincerest apologies to Ms Geissinger Getting over my initial distaste for the book at 31 % I started to [...]

  12. Last time I read Sweet as Sin I couldn t write review because I was so emotional and all I could do was thank writer for this amazing story.This time was pretty much the same.I cried a lot.I must say this is now my favorite series,I didn t eat or sleep I was so much into this and because of holidays I didn t have time to write a review.I want to say so much stuff but I have no wordsI remember A.J in the first book and you know what I liked him even when he was biggest jerk ever,because behind ev [...]

  13. 5 Very intense Love will never die Stars This book was so intense It was mysterious, compelling, heartbreaking, tragic, angst longing filled, and beautiful I loved it I loved every bit of it.AJ was broody and dark He was emotionally damaged and just going through the motions of life Until he met Chloe She triggers emotions in him he is not prepared to handle So what does he do He acts like a complete jacka Until he simply cannot stay away from Chloe and gives in to his desire He becomes the best [...]

  14. OH GAWD This book ABSOLUTELY KILLED ME I LOVED it ALMOST as much as the first one And waiting for next book in this series is going to drive me bonkers Review to follow ARC courtesy of Netgalley and Publishing

  15. Life s too short to miss out on anything, even if it s pain This is one of those cases where I wish I was allowed to give than five stars It was so good it needs extra to convey how much I loved it Yes, A.J Is a rockstar, and that s what led me to read this series I had no idea what yummy goodness I was gonna find when I turned that first page Now I m thrilled to have a new author to add to my favorites list This is the second book in the series, so it s confirmation that she s no one hit wonde [...]

  16. 2 It just wasn t for me StarsThis is my second book by this author, wait, 3rd I just didn t finish the other one I started Yeah, everyone loves this author and this series has high praises, and that is why I stuck with it and tried to finish It doesn t hurt that it s free audio on Kindle Unlimited I was seduce by Sabastian York The main reason why I picked up this audio was because of Sabastian York BUT let me put this disclaimer there He s hardly in the book Like maybe 5 chapters from his POV W [...]

  17. Please, read reviews with the spoilers It s so tragic it s funny And the old trope of all times Who can say what it is Call me mean I am a cold heart person lol but I could picture the violins being played sadly in the background like the ones in the Titanic movie even if they say it was real the band played until the end I had a good laugh out of it Buy I didn t like that movie anyway See Cold blood Lol review show

  18. Well after the disappointment of the first book the big draw for me with this second book in the series was that Sebastian York was a narrator, and he was for about a whole 10 minutes of a 12 hour book BUT I really liked the complex story line of this one and I liked the chemistry that A.J and Cloe have together but once again the narrator Teri Clark Linden did a great characterization for Cloe, but unfortunately made A.J sound like a drunk vampire.

  19. Chloe is pretty sure that AJ hates her AJ however is hiding his true feelings because he feels his past makes him unworthy There are some other interesting aspects to AJ and his professional field that make him quite unique Once they get beyond the initial obstacles what these frenemies have is solid I really enjoyed this readC received in exchange for an honest review.

  20. Chloe was the newest addition to the Desperate Doormats I tried to give her the benefit of the doubt but she let me down and kept on going further and further in the pit I hoped that she d at least grow some sort of a backbone, dump him on his ass, and leave him there to suffer in his self inflicted misery She s also partly at fault too for getting herself involved with him when he had shown her nothing but disdain I understand she got her feelings hurt because he was mean to her but I don t see [...]

  21. Gut wrenching I had thought that Sweet as Sin was a killer book but then I read this one and I feel totally wasted emotionally I am not a crier but this one was hard to read in places because I could not see through my tears Any author who can provoke that kind of emotion from their reader has done an outstanding job writing their book This is not a total downer because there are some very well written areas that leave you laughing out loud as well The chemistry between Chloe and AJ was off the [...]

  22. This second installment of Bad Habit series features the band s drummer A.J Edwards and Chloe Carmichael, best friend to Kat from book 1 and florist to her wedding Their story has an enemies to lovers trope Though a typical theme, J.T Geissinger kept the story interesting and exciting She hooked me in deeper and deeper with each twist of the story I couldn t put this book down.Chloe and A.J met in the last book, and even then, you can tell there s something brewing between them already They are [...]

  23. Great read I liked this one much better then the first Lots of twists and turns The end kept me on edge I listened to the audible version and then just had to see what was going to happen The narrator did AJ s voice like he was a vampire LOL It doesn t take too much away but it will make you laugh.Chole and AJ are HOT Shower inducing Great story On to the next

  24. Reviewed for herding cats burning soup posting 1 4 18 amzn 2C8DGeXYall Make Me Sin was good I enjoyed it a hell of a lot both times I listened to it.The Gist AJ and Chloe pretty much hate each other Problematic when her best friend is marrying his band mate and they re both involved in the wedding Finding out there may be to one another than they expected Damn inconvenient Gah Chloe and AJ are a fantastic couple even if an unexpected one Fiery but sweet Incredible chemistry and depth I loved ho [...]

  25. Oy vey A.J is a badass drummer and has been giving sweet Chloe crap since the moment they met Committed to nice guy cop Eric, Chloe can t understand why AJ is so darn mean Thrown together because of their friends wedding, AJ lowers his guard and let s Chloe in The fallout from their chemistry, the nice guy cop s exit, and what turns out to be AJ s unbelievably horrific past is where the fight between pain and true love comes in NO CHEATING.I usually eye roll at most damaged romantic heroes howev [...]

  26. Is it possible to get an AJ of my own I m pretty sure he stole my heart and I don t think he s gonna give it back anytime soon AJ is dark and mean and so sweet At first all your thinking is why are you such a jerk and then the moment he opens your eyes to the color he sees your sucked in to his word where he can t see past his own demons but can t stay away from his Angel I loved everything about Chloe And her heart and love for AJ was off the charts This story was so much than a sweet sexy rea [...]

  27. So Much Drama This series is kind of like a telenovela Geissinger packs in plotlines, painful histories, and unhinged characters lurking in the corners ready to wreak havoc than one book can really handle But it makes for good reading and if it produces a few eye rolls, they re accompanied by tears So Many Feels I m actually scared to read the next one because so much was telegraphed here But I will because I ve been looking forward to Grace s story And because a good soap opera hooks you in, e [...]

  28. DNF 28% The heroine is a cheating witch who calls out other man s name while she and her boyfriend were in the heat of passion Cheater Except, it s not cheating is it Because it shouldn t be called cheating He wasn t even inside of her Yeah right.Also, instead of ending things with her boyfriend properly, she went straight to the Hero LOL Aw that s cute.

  29. I was excited to read Chloe and AJ s story and I finally got all my questions answered It was definitely emotional than the first book in the series It kept me glued to the pages, although AJ really pissed me off at times Chloe was a great heroine and I m happy things worked out the way they did And that ending I need to get my hands on that book

  30. Loved the first half, hated the second half Super dramatic, emotionally heavy If you love super angst then this is for you Not for me though Sorry