Unlimited Brazillionaires - by Alex Cuadros Unlimited Brazillionaires - by Alex Cuadros, Brazillionaires, Alex Cuadros, Brazillionaires
  • Title: Brazillionaires
  • Author: Alex Cuadros
  • ISBN: 0399589538
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Kindle
Unlimited Brazillionaires - by Alex Cuadros - Brazillionaires, Brazillionaires

Brazillionaires Unlimited Brazillionaires - by Alex Cuadros - Brazillionaires, Brazillionaires Unlimited Brazillionaires - by Alex Cuadros, Brazillionaires, Alex Cuadros, Brazillionaires
  • Unlimited Brazillionaires - by Alex Cuadros
    346Alex Cuadros

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  1. A trav s de la descripci n de varios hombres de negocios brasile os el autor consigue trazar un retrato econ mico de Brasil.De todo Brasil, de los ricos y de los pobres, intercalando pasajes que incluyen referencias y an cdotas de la cultura brasile a en general y que ayudan a la comprensi n de la realidad del pa s.Adem s de los datos que da el autor sistem ticamente, tambi n incluye reflexiones del autor sobre filosof a de la econom a, no s lo es un libro sobre como los ricos llegan a serlo, ta [...]

  2. If you want to read one book on what Brazil is like today and how it has evolved to the level of acute disparity between the super wealthy and the poor, Brazillionaires is the one Its author, Alex Cuadros, not only learned Portuguese, but also immersed himself into the intricacies of this complex culture, living in Brazil for six years As a former Peace Corps volunteer who served in Brazil many ago, I would have much preferred a book like Brazillionaires as required reading in addition to being [...]

  3. Alex Cuadro s narrative gives a wide and deep spectrum on Brazilian culture, society and history He explains so many things that are omni present in Brazilian society but that are difficult for an outsider to grasp and understand It is by far the best book about Brazil that I have read by a contemporary writer.Having lived several years in the country myself, I can confirm that Mr Cuadro has a very sensitive and accurate way of describing the society and its people The book gave me numerous insi [...]

  4. A great starting point for those interested Brazil The writing was intelligent and visual but still accessible and engaging He provides sometimes sobering insight on Brazilian culture and inequality from personal observations, but also goes all the way back to its Portuguese roots The author doesn t hide his own beliefs or political inklings, but they aren t central to the writing or imposed on his research My only gripe might be that the author is inconsistent in a few spots on his assumptions [...]

  5. I was cautiously prepared for a demonization of the rich and a tale of inequality on steroids I was wrong A perfect narrative draws intriguing parallels and exploits every angle It s great reporting I thought I would learn a thing or two, as I am Brazilian, but i ve learned a lot It helps that Alex isn t Brazilian and is able to perceive things we are just too used to, to the point of apathy.I sincerely wish this book was longer, that people were profiled, and the relationship of wealth, rent s [...]

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed this timely, incisive, well written book from ex Bloomberg writer Alex Cuadros It s a supremely timed account he recounts a Brazil jumping onto the world s stage with the ascendancy and heady days of the Lula presidency, the World Cup, the Olympics and as the B in BRICs Lately, the news has been deflating, a series of gut punches in the form of a worldwide commodities collapse revealing an economy all too reliant on that aspect , rampant corruption crystallized with the Petr [...]